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Coral Bay Resort

The Main Complex
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Coral Bay Resort is designed for travelers in search of a relaxing and eco-friendly holiday experience. The peaceful natural environment of Coral Bay Resort minimizes the stress of today’s urban lifestyle and offers a welcome alternative to the crowded concrete establishments that unfortunately are becoming all too prevalent on Koh Samui. Our 56 bungalows are set amid 10 acres of lush tropical gardens, ensuring an atmosphere of serenity and privacy. Surrounded by luxuriant coconut palms and flowering shrubs, the charming Samui-style dwellings built of wood and stone with traditional thatched roofs offer the highest standards of comfort.

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Since opening in 1982, we’ve worked hard to maintain the delicate balance between preserving the natural charm of Koh Samui while providing the amenities for our discerning guests. The abundant tropical flora creates a sanctuary for many species of birds, butterflies and squirrels. Ever conscious of the environment, we use recycled waste water to maintain the extensive gardens and new plants in our nursery. The waste water is pretreated through stages of septic tanks, biotanks and settlement tanks before filtering through a natural treatment system of media, aquatic flora / fauna and finally polished off with a protein skimmer which purifies the water further and convert harmful nitrates into beneficial ones before it goes into our sprinkler system. This DIY recycling system has not only enabled us to indulge our passion for gardening on an island where fresh water is a precious commodity, but has helped to contribute, even in a small way to Koh Samui’s preservation.