Koh Samui

Your tropical playground

Enjoy a full complement of resort amenities from poolside loungers, table tennis, beach side fun, kayaking, beach games and spa activities. Hot? Tired? Park off and watch a great DVD or read on the veranda. Take a moonlight walk on the beach or hang out at the Coco-Rock till late with cool tunes and fine drinks.

Your concierge can inform you on any aspect of your stay, including resort and island facilities, children, children’s activities, babysitting services and general island information.

Explore Samui

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Day tripping and island tours

For those who want a change from their perpetually blissed-out state here at Coral Bay Resort, there’s plenty to see and do on Koh Samui.


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Malls and markets

From Coral Bay Resort, it’s an easy drive to any of the shopping areas on Samui. Chaweng is only a short way up the road where you will find the streets clogged with souvenir stalls that offer an assortment of wares ranging from tawdry to terrific.

Samui by Night

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Dinner and a show

In Thailand there is always delicious food wherever you go and it’s never difficult to come across seafood restaurants or local markets with exotic fruits to sample.

Getting Around

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Be careful out there

Please consider carefully before you decide to rent a vehicle – you may be safer and less stressed signing up for a day trip or a customized excursion organized by us.

We love Samui

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Sustainable development

The abundant tropical flora of our spacious grounds creates a sanctuary for many species of birds, butterflies and squirrels.
Since we opened in 1982 we’ve worked hard to maintain the delicate balance between preserving the natural charm of Koh Samui and providing state of the art amenities for our discerning guests.