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Coral Bay Resort

Tropical paradise wedding at Coral Bay Resort.

The Coco-rock Beach Bar has been the setting for hundreds of festive occasions. We love to organize weddings (Buddhist or non-religious ceremonies), wedding receptions, and parties. We can prepare a barbecue / buffet, an "all curry" party or a Samui roast suckling pig for up to 80 guests. Naomi and Aaron Newland’s sensational wedding at Coral Bay Resort was featured in U.K.'s Cosmopolitan Bride Feb/Mar 2006 issue.

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The whole world comes to Koh Samui and they all spell it in different ways:  "Koh Samui", "Ko Samui", "Koi Samui" or "Kho Samui".  Whatever the spelling may be, you can be assured of a unique, wedding on the beach in a tropical island paradise at Coral Bay Resort & Spa.